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My name is Amy Huber and I’m in search of a educational based place of work where my skills and creative brain power will not only help others to be inspired but will also push me outside of my comfort zone. Art has always been a happy part of my life. In high school I attended an art magnet school and went on to pursue further education in graphic arts. As a graphic designer and illustrator I have worked for a variety of businesses such as The Seattle Times,, Eddie Bauer, Starbucks and more. I have worked with smaller organizations such as The Bellevue Arts Museum, San Fermo Italian Restaurant, Velouria Boutique & Gallery, Miri’s Cafe and The Vestibule Gallery. I design environmental, editorial, and digital work.

I’ve compiled a collection of questions so you can get to know me a little more.

  • Disciplines:

    Typography, Product Label Design, Branding, Package Design, Illustration, Web Design, Production Design, Environmental Design, Print Design

Why Do I Want to Work with LACMA

Museums – especially design and art related museums have a special place in my heart and I want to share that with others through my skills. When a person visits a museum, you can escape, you can adventure, you can become inspired and you can learn and then perhaps you can help change the world. I love creating a space for display and finding the most successful way to do it. My brain loves to compartmentalize and organize components in the most efficient and aesthetically pleasing way. Often less is more but sometimes a little flair may be needed.

What Skills Can I Offer LACMA

I have over eight years of experience as a web, print, layout, event display, editorial and social media designer. I am proficient in major Adobe programs and at times Power Point, Microsoft Excel and Word. In the past years I have been introduced to environmental design by working with local agencies to brand interiors of restaurants and events. I’ve worked with boutiques, restaurants, and galleries to create signage, window displays, wall info-graphs and video content.

Where Do I See My Career Heading

I’ve worked a lot in retail and where I enjoy some shopping I do want it to be ethical and the companies that I give my time to. I would like to switch to working with companies who have the same goals as I have.
To put the well being of the Earth and it’s inhabitants in top priority.
To work in a diverse (gender, race, ethnicity, politics, age, education) and treat all with respect and support.
To promote growth and education of all.
To inspire others.

And this is where I see my career heading whether it’s helping business get off their feet, illustrating and designing book layouts or creating spaces for people to thrive.

What Do I Do in My Spare Time? 

Sometimes I go on a nature walk or explore a new neighbor in a city. Sometimes I work on personal creative projects. Sometimes I grab a drink with friends. Sometimes I visit a museum. Sometimes I chill and watch an entire season of television. Sometimes I travel. Sometimes I spend time with family. Sometimes I clean my house. Sometimes I watch my partner’s musical endeavors. Sometimes I go on bike rides or jump in the ocean. Sometimes I just lay on my back and be quiet.

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