Good to Be Alive

Album Cover Art

Peter Donovan of the Seattle band, All the Real Girls, approached me to design the cover of his upcoming single “Good to Be Alive.” As I learned more about this project I was elated. As a part of the Bushwick Book Club – Seattle, Peter based his song on the popular children’s “Frog and Toad” book series by Arnold Lobel. “Frog and Toad” was a favorite childhood book of mine and I asked Peter if he wanted the album art cover to be based on Lobel’s illustrations. Since Peter’s lyrics beautifully echoed the book series I decided to use the naturistic subject matter and 1960’s color pallet in my design. I used a flat illustration style, hand-inked drawings, and textured watercolor-painted paper strips which I combined – along with type digitally.

The lovely animation was created by Bradley James Lockhart.
Song by Peter Donovan & Elijah Ocean

Hamilton Boyce – Harmony Vocals
Peter Donovan – Vocals
Zach Jones – Piano, Harmony
Vocals Curren McDowell – Drums, Percussion
Elijah Ocean – Guitars, Bass, Organ, Harmonica, Harmony Vocals

Digital Media

Inspiration – Frog and Toad

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