Quarantine Postcard Set

Illustration and Art Direction

During 2020 many of us were (are) quarantined at home and feeling ready to mingle but with health-minded restrictions we are limited. With more time on my hands and a desire to help lift moods and create connections among people, I decided to design a set of humorous quarantine-themed postcards. The United States Mail service is also struggling a bit so this is a great opportunity to make a difference by sending postcards to those we can’t spend time with right now.

Each postcard was lovingly conceived, designed, and printed in my downtown Los Angeles, CA home studio. I hand-illustrated each drawing with ink and highlighter. I then digitally scanned and used software to create final designs.

  • Disciplines:

    Illustration, Art Direction, Branding, Editorial Design, Typography, Social Media Marketing
  • Client:

    Amy M Huber Shop
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