Window Display & Gallery Show

Velouria is a small Seattle boutique and gallery chock-full of US and Canadian-made goods. Their pieces are made by folks who are dedicated to beauty, quality, and sustainability.

In February and March of 2016 the wonderful ladies of Velouria and I collaborated to create a window display featuring my Morning Sketching illustration collection. The installation consisted of two parts. First, we decided on five black-and-white sketches to feature as blown-up backdrops providing wallpaper for their display mannequins. Then I implemented hand-painted designs across the front window panels to create a multilayered aesthetic. Inside the shop, Morning Sketching drawings were exhibited, and a reception was held during Pioneer Square’s First Thursday Art Walk (in conjunction with local jewelry artist Angela Delarmente’s beautiful jewelry). To create an evolving design, we followed up the February installation with added color elements in March that complemented Velouria’s new spring clothing lines.

  • Disciplines:

    Environmental Design, Illustration, Window Display, Gallery Show
  • Client:

    Velouria Boutique & Gallery
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The Black & White Phase

Gallery Show

Springtime Color Updates


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